Are you a student wishing to study abroad? Invest – Don’t waste!

We know it is difficult to find the right university to study abroad, with the numerous platforms to comb through and fake promises made by several mediators: you almost lost hope!
That is why we offer you a simple and direct way to reach out and explore different universities, without the fear of being swindled- NeverGivApp - Make your dream to reality!

Why NeverGivApp?

  • World Wide Access

    Students can explore more than 28,000 educational institutions worldwide and institutions can obtain access to large pools of qualified students from around the world

  • Direct Interactions

    Connect and interact with institutions and students directly with no third-party involvement

  • Application Tracking

    Track the status of your application-anytime, anywhere. Get the latest updates and notifications about your application regularly.

  • Video conference

    Use the video-conferencing feature to experience better communication and collaboration with your colleagues, partners and institutions

  • Real-Time Chat

    Interact through real-time chat where students can clarify their doubts and institutions can engage students and get to know their prospective candidates

How does it work?


For Institutions

Exhibit-Create an account for your institution and showcase your accolades, accomplishments and facilities
Engage-Foster a community of prospective students through your posts and content, interact directly with your students and manage the database of their applications
Enroll-Review the applications of your students, enroll the most suitable ones and welcome them with an invitation letter!

For Students

Create-Sign-up and create a customized portfolio for the institution you are applying
Connect-Reach out to your dream universities and like-minded peers directly to clarify your doubts and discuss ideas through real-time chatting and video-conferencing
Apply-Apply to any university for the course or program of your preference and track the progress of your application. Once enrolled you can even pay your fees through this platform!

About us

How many times have you heard a friend, a colleague or a relative saying something like this?
We are so eager to study abroad, that many a time we fall into the traps of agents who make empty promises. We invest our time and money building our dream and then the agents leave-taking it all.
Since I had also experienced the same, I decided to use my degree in Computer Science and my 6 years of experience working on software projects and websites to develop this platform.
NeverGivApp is a platform that strives to empower students looking to study abroad by offering them direct interaction with their dream universities.
NeverGivApp-Make Your Dream a Reality!

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