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The institution can choose to receive student applications in one of two ways:

By redirecting students to the platform of the institution.
Directly through the NeverGivApp Platform

a. Redirecting Applications


Free trial

The institution will be provided with a 6-month free trial during which any number of students can be redirected to apply on their platform.

After the free trial

Once the trial expires you will only be able to redirect up to 80 students using the free plan. The institution will be able to upgrade to the Premium Plan to increase the number of redirects.
Note: Students will not be charged to be redirected to the institution platform

b. Apply on NeverGivApp

The institution will not be charged to accept student applications on the NeverGivApp platform.
Institutions are encouraged to create their account, engage prospective students, and manage their student database completely free of charge.
In this case, students will be charged an enrollment fee according to the institution.
Note: NeverGivApp does not charge students for using the website to browse university profiles or submitting their applications.

NeverGivApp will charge students only at two stages-

Enrollment: When the institution has taken up/selected the application for further consideration.
Deposit of School Fees or Shipping of Documents(if required) : When the institution has approved the student to be part of/successfully enlisted the student in the institution.

1. Find schools

Once an institution has taken up/admitted a student’s application for further consideration; the student has the freedom to approve or reject this offer. If the student approves the consideration of the application by the institution, they will be required to pay the institutional enrollment fees and an additional service fee*. This service fee will differ based on the institutional enrollment fee; however, it will remain the same across currencies
i.e., Enrollment Fees = Institutional Enrollment Fees (IEF) + Service Fees
S. No Institutional Enrollment Fees (IEF)(in any currency) Service Fees (in the same currency)
1 0 USD 30
2 1 - 50 + 36
3 51 - 100 + 34
4 101 - 150 + 33
5 151 - 200 + 29% of IF
6 201 – 300 + 28% of IEF
7 301 – 400 + 27% of IEF
8 401 - 500 + 25% of IEF
9 500 and above + 23% of IEF
NOTE: Once the enrollment fees have been paid, no refund will be issued even if the student chooses to cancel the process.

2. Deposit of School Fees or Shipping of Documents

NeverGivApp will charge this fee ONLY if the institution requires the student to pay for depositing the school fees or shipping documents. In this case, the service fees applicable will be the same as for the enrollment fees. However, if the institution does not require any such payment from the student, the NeverGivApp platform will not require any service fee.
i.e., Deposit of School Fees/ (if required) = Institutional Fees (IF) + Service Fees Shipping of Documents
S. No Institutional Fees (IF)(in any currency) Service Fees (in the same currency)
1 0 USD 0
2 1 - 50 + 36
3 51 - 100 + 34
4 101 - 150 + 33
5 151 - 200 + 29% of IF
6 201 – 300 + 28% of IF
7 301 – 400 + 27% of IF
8 401 - 500 + 25% of IF
9 500 and above + 23% of IF
NOTE: The refund policy on the deposit of school fees or shipping documents will depend on the respective institution’s policy.
* The service fee consists of 4.5% for the payment gateway, 4.5% for fast transfer to the institution, and 12% for using the NeverGivApp platform.
NeverGivApp places utmost importance on transparency and strives to ensure that students are fully aware of the details of any fees and/or payments they are required to make.
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